How do You Know if You Are a VICTIM of Investment Fraud?

As an investor, you have a right to rely on the investment advice of your investment professional or financial advisor.  You have a right to feel comfortable that the advice you receive by these professionals is not the product of negligence or tainted by self-interest.

Victim of Fraud?


Those rights are violated when your interests are secondary to the financial gain of the financial advisor.

Nothing can be more financially and emotionally devastating than to experience large losses in your investment account.  Many investors do not realize that investment firms and persons selling investments can be held liable for losses when they fail to carry out their responsibilities.

Misconduct by your Financial Advisor may include:

      • Arizona Securities Law Violations

If you believe you are a victim of investment fraud, call Arizona Securities and Investment Fraud attorney Anthony Bingham at 480.832.1922. You may have a limited time window to assert your claim and file your complaint, so we encourage you to contact Bingham Law today.